Blackout Live at Fright Planet
Blackout Live
Attraction Type: Zero Visibility; Hidden Scares; Claustrophoic for some.

Buried Alive the Ride
Attraction Type: Motion Simulator Ride; Pitch Black; Scents.
Other: Not recommended for those claustrophobic. Requires transferring out of a wheelchair.

Cannibal Cabin
Attraction Type: Immersive; Hidden Scares; Strobe Lights; Fog.
Other: This attraction may have an uneven ground.

The Little House of Carnage
Attraction Type: Immersive; Gore; Hidden Scares; Strobe Lights; Fog to Heavy Fog.

Distorted Maze
Attraction Type: Disorienting Maze; Strobe Lights; Dead Ends; Fog; Pitch Black Areas.

Hobart's Doll Factory
Attraction Type: Immersive; Hidden Scares; Fog; Repetitive musical score.

Jatinga: The Forbidden Temple
Attraction Type: Immersive; Hidden Scares; Tight pathways.

Attraction Type: Immersive; Intense; Graphic; Heavy Fog; Loud Sounds; Strobe Lights.
Other: 18-year-of-age and older only unless accompanied by an adult.

ScreamMax Theater 3-D
Attraction Type: Seated movie theater; loud noises.
Other: Special 3-D glasses are provided for use during the movie.


Wheelchair accessible. Requires transferring
out of a wheelchair.
Strobe lights used in this attraction. Fog used in this attraction.
Theatrical elements, such as heavy fog, show lights, including strobe lights, may be used through the park, including outside of attractions and in pathways surrounding the park. Should you or any member of your party have a photosensitivity or seizure disorder, we recommend that you check with your personal physician for specific instructions before visiting the Fright Planet Park.


Fright Planet's Red Haunted House







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